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Exporting Vulnerability Scan to concentrated CSV format

Question asked by Tom Kristen Hansen on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Tom Kristen Hansen

When we perform export of scans to CSV format we get following comma sparated fields;


"IP","DNS","NetBIOS","OS","IP Status","QID","Title","Type","Severity","Port","Protocol", "FQDN","SSL","CVE ID","Vendor Reference","Bugtraq ID","Threat","Impact","Solution", "Exploitability","Associated Malware","Results","PCI Vuln","Instance"


But some of these fields gives to much information, and break the possibility to make "simple" excel repports. In a glance we want to have a excel report with one line for each vulenerability. 


Fields giving to much information are; "Threat","Impact","Solution","Exploitability","Associated Malware","Results"


Are there any possibilities to generate custom (read: concentrated) CSV exports?, or a method of getting a decent presentation of all fields?