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Unstable and unreliable results of QID45005

Question asked by Noriko on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by chino64


In our external scan results, we've obtained unstable results of QID45005 like below; 


1. The ISP network handle is: JPNIC-NET-JP

  ISP Network description: Japan Network Information Center


2. The ISP network handle is: QWEST-INET-8

    ISP Network description: Qwest Communications Company, LLC


3. The ISP network handle is: SAVVIS

    ISP Network description: Savvis


We recognize that these are not our provider except "JPNIC-NET-JP".

Especially SAVVIS is not related to our IPs and I think  it would be for IPs in Qualys SOC.


Could you tell me why the results of QID45005 would become unstable like above?