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QG Severity Rating vs CVSS vs Microsoft

Question asked by rajasekhar.m.reddy on Apr 28, 2013

Hi All,


We are trying to understand how Qualys defines severity. We are having 2 diffrent rating for an organization with respect to Patch Management Team & Vulnerability Assessment Team.


Patch Management defines/rates a patch based on the importance of the application/software that is being used across the organization. Eg: Office related patches are rated as Low on servers when compared to Microsoft's Critical/Important.


As of now we are looking forward to standarize the patch ratings across MS, QG & our internal teams. So we need some help on understanding Qualys Severity (1 to 5) and Microsoft (Critical, Important, Moderate & Low).


Is these all ratings coming from Common Vulnerability Scoring System or  some other orgaizational standards?


Also the same in the case of Policy Compliance, can we define a severity for each control based on Operating System? Looking forward to discuss on this.


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