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Unit of 'Processes to Run in Parallel'

Question asked by kuhara on Dec 4, 2012
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I would ask you to inquiry about setting of 'Processes to Run in Parallel'.


Which is correct per request or per port about rule of counting the process ?


Assuming that the below requests are sent by scanner appliance as a sample,

I think that "Total processes" count as three and "HTTP processes" count as two.

Is that right?


Dest IP  : Dest Port : Service : Request : 25/tcp    : STMP    : HELO localhost : 80/tcp    : HTTP    : HEAD / HTTP/1.0 : 80/tcp    : HTTP    : GET / HTTP/1.0



Setting of this event

Location: VM -> Option Profiles -> New/Edit Option Profile -> Scan -> Performance -> Configure Scan Performance Setting -> Processes in Run in Parallel (per Host)


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