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Should we use single tracking method or will multiple tracking methods work fine?

Question asked by Sukalyan Naskar on Mar 30, 2017
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In our environment we have hosts which have static IP and also hosts which have dynamic IP. For static IPs, we are planning to use the default IP address tracking but for the ones with dynamic IPs, we are planning to use DNS/NetBIOS hostname tracking.


I am wondering if this is a good way to go ahead or should we use only one tracking method and also use DNS/NetBIOS hostname tracking for static IPs? In other words, use only DNS/NetBIOS hostname tracking on all hosts.


In a scenario where we have different tracking methods, will there be any challenges when it comes to reporting or using let's say the remediation module?


Lastly, what happens if the Qualys is unable to resolve the DNS hostname or reach the host using NetBIOS, will Qualys fall over to the last known IP and scan or will it throw an error and just stop there?