Get Email Notifications for KnowledgeBase (QID) Updates  - Here's How

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Get Email Notifications for KnowledgeBase (QID) Updates  - Here's How


Customized Vulnerability Notifications About New and Updated Vulnerabilities (QID) in the KnowledgeBase


Can I send a customized vulnerability notification to user(s)?  YES!

(This is available to Managers only, and not available to Express Lite users)


Qualys offers a vulnerability email notification that will alert users about new and updated vulnerabilities in the KnowledgeBase. You enable this notification by simply adding search lists to the distribution group. You must also select which condition will result in an email - new vulnerabilities, updated vulnerabilities or both. When a vulnerability (QID) matches the search list and the condition, the group will be notified by email. Vulnerability Notification for Teams 


Use Case #1:

Issue: I am seeing a severity discrepancy between my dashboard and the VM knowledge base.

Reason for Discrepancy:  QID severity was updated since your asset was last scanned.

Steps to address: 

  1. Create a vulnerability notification that aligns with your widget(s)
  2. Enable the notification to be sent went an existing QID is updated in the KB.
  3. When you receive a notification that a QID has been updated, you will have to rescan the reporting asset(s) to update the vulnerability records to, in turn, update your dashboard results.


* Remember: Scans are snapshots in time. Frequent, routine scanning is strongly recommended.


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I have listed the Use Case that sent me searching for this notification, but I will add more as I learn about them.  If you have a use case where this notification could be leveraged to improve information and awareness, please let me know (DMFezzaReed).