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Vulnerability Management Dashboard BETA Closed with the Release of Portal 3.0.

Cloud Platform (QWEB 10.0, Portal 3.0)

This page contains:

  • Preview/Demo Dashboard Links by Platform (POD)
  • New VM Dashboard BETA How-To Documentation
  • Individual New VM Dashboard BETA Dashboard Resources
  • Individual New VM Widget BETA Dashboard Resources
  • New VM Dashboard BETA Issue Resources
  • New VM Dashboard - Future Feature and Function Enhancement Roadmap
  • BETA Annotations, Suggestions and Recommendations



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The dashboards and widgets posted for the new VM dashboard will NOT work outside of the new VM dashboard.  They cannot be imported into other Qualys modules - not AssetView, not ThreatProtect, etc... 




The New Vulnerability Management (VM) Dashboard BETA is now available, by request, on subscriptions running portal version 2.32.2 or higher.   Please contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to request participation in the BETA program.


If you would like to preview/demo the New Vulnerability Management Dashboard BETA, please click the appropriate link from the list below.  To activate the BETA within your subscription, please contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to request participation/activation in our BETA program.


New VM Dashboard BETA - Feature Enhancement Roadmap 


Below is a list of future feature and function enhancements on the roadmap for release in GA based on feedback within the current BETA:

  1. Trending will be added to widgets.  Released: Cloud Platform v2.34
  2. Dashboard Toolbox - BETA Update: New Vulnerability Management (VM) Dashboard v2.37.1 
  3. Additional widget resizing options. Release: TBA
  4. Standardized colours for Severity related widgets. Release: TBA
  5. Ability to sort severity ascending/descending order.  Release: TBA
  6. Chart label and legend updates. Release: TBA
  7. Dashboard and Widget Filters to manage the resulting content displayed. Release: TBA
    • vulnerabilities.status:FIXED  
      • Use Case:  Provide the ability to choose whether or not your counts include FIXED detections.
    • vulnerability.ignored:TRUE/FALSE  
      • Use Case: Provide the ability to choose whether or not your counts include CLOSED/IGNORED detections.
    • vulnerabilities.typeDetected:Information  
      • Use Case: Provide the ability to choose whether or not your counts include Information Gathered detections.
  8. Vulnerabilities detail results export function to report. Released: Cloud Platform v2.34
  9. Comparison Percentage. Released: Cloud Platform v2.34

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Excerpt Image:


Contact your Technical Account Manager and join the opt-in beta program today!


NOTICE: Vulnerabilities export is scheduled for release in portal 2.43.  See also https://discussions.qualys.com/thread/20092-in-beta-vm-dashboard-any-way-to-export-data-yet#comment-50162  


Once you opt-in and the beta is enabled in our back-office systems, you will be able to toggle in and out of the beta interface as demonstrated in the images below.  There is no cost, or subscription overhead, involved with enabling the beta option.





Customize your view of current risk metrics by severity, status, and more...

Assess risk to identify areas needing focus and establish remediation priorities.


Individual New VM Dashboard and Widget Related Resources 

These pages include a demonstration image(s) and a zip file containing the dashboard json file for easy import. 



Are you scanning what you think you're scanning? Know the answer in seconds.




Trending added in portal version 2.34 release.



  New VM Dashboard BETA Annotations, Suggestions and Recommendations


Known Bugs


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