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Qualys VM Map Scans provide the ability to search the network for active assets, discover the relationships between interconnected networks, and ensure that newly discovered assets are authorized and regularly assessed. Network maps have a great new look and feel plus enhanced functionality with 8.1. You’ll have all the functionality you had before – filtering by OS and discovery method, workflow actions, and the ability to drag and drop hosts, pan, zoom and expand/collapse nodes. Plus you get a new results summary, more layout options, filtering by host attributes (approved, scannable, etc) and you can search for hosts by IP and hostname.



Check it out

Go to Maps and select View > Graphic Mode for the map you want to see. You’ll see a quick summary of the results on the left with filters you can use to drill down into the results.  In the main window on the right you’ll see the hosts discovered on your map target. Feel free to move hosts around as you like.



Looking for certain hosts? Easily search the results by IP address, hostname, or certain host attributes. Make selections in the Search field at the top or in the Summary pane on the left.


Want to take actions on hosts? Select hosts in the map, and then select actions from the Actions menu.


Want to view host details? Click on any host in the map to see details in the Preview pane.



Quickly find hosts by IP

Click on the Results tab to view hosts by IP address. Then click any IP to highlight it in the map.




Switch to list view anytime

Use the toggle in the top, right corner to switch from radial view (the default) to a list view.




Tell me about the map images

Each map image represents a type of device (host, router, server, etc) and its operating system.



The map's root node (Internet or Intranet).

private.pngPrivateHosts that are part of a private network are linked to this node.
router.pngRouterIdentifies a router.
unreachable.pngUnreachableHosts that are not reachable are linked to this node.
orphan.pngOrphanHosts that are reachable but the router could not be identified are linked to this node.
nameserver.pngName ServerIdentifies a DNS server.
mailserver.pngMail ServerIdentifies a mail server.
unknown.pngUnknownIdentifies a host running an operating system that could not be identified.
windows-host.pngWindows HostIdentifies a host running a Windows operating system.
mac-host.pngMac HostIdentifies a host running a Mac operating system.
linux-host.pngLinux HostIdentifies a host running a Linux based operating system.
other.pngOther HostIdentifies a host running some other operating system that is not in one of the common operating system families.