Solution: QualysGuard User Interface Hangs While Trying Open Remediation Ticketing

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Symptom:  The QualysGuard User Interface is Stuck - The following is displayed while you are waiting for your remediation tickets to load:


Cause:  The behavior above is observed once there is a very large number of remediation tickets if the the QualysGuard UI was reconfigured to display remediation tickets for a very large or unlimited duration.     By default, QualysGuard's UI limits the display of remedaition tickets by duration, but many times QualysGuard users customize their use interface to fit a particular need at a given time and can forget to change it back to default.



Solution:  You can change how many get displayed at a given time through the setup menu inside remediation - if you could only get there!  Once logged in, try the following direct URL link:


Change the timeframe for your remediation ticket display. it from unlimited to something more reasonable like 30 or 90 to reduce the load times

Timeframe for Tickets to Display.jpg

Other solutions:  If the remediation policies present are no longer applicable to the organization, the remediation policies can be removed in the policies tab.  Once logged in, try the following URL:


Note: If none ofthese options work, please contact support for additional help.


Thank you for using Qualys Guard!