How to add IP addresses to PC

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Go to Assets > Host Assets and choose Filter > Compliance Hosts to see the compliance IP addresses available to you. If the IPs you want to scan are not listed then add them to the PC module (or have your manager add them and assign them to you).


How do I see the hosts already added to PC?

On the Host Assets list, select “Compliance Hosts” from the Filters menu to see the hosts already added to PC. These are the hosts currently available for compliance scanning and reporting.





How do I add hosts in my account to PC?

Select the check box next to each host you want to add to PC. You can select individual IP addresses or IP ranges. Then select Actions > Add to PC module.




The Add Hosts to PC Module wizard appears. You’ll notice that the hosts you’ve selected appear in the Assigned IPs list. You can add more hosts to the list or remove hosts from the list. Then click Add to add the hosts. Click OK when the confirmation appears.





How do I add new hosts to PC?

When adding new hosts to the subscription, you’ll have the option to add the new hosts to PC. Go to New > IP Tracked Hosts (or choose one of the other tracking methods).




In the New Hosts wizard, select Host IPs on the left, enter the IP addresses you want to add and select the check box “Add to Policy Compliance Module”. Click Add. Then click OK when the confirmation appears.The new hosts will be added to VM and PC.