How to schedule a report

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Scheduling reports to run automatically is a great way to provide system administrators, remediators and risk managers with the most current host information, based on the latest scan results. You can also schedule reports to run at important milestones, like the last day of the quarter, without having to depend on someone logging in to do it.


Required Subscription Settings: The Scheduled Reporting feature must be enabled for your subscription. Don't have it enabled? Please contact your Account Manager or our Support team and we'll help you with this quickly.


Step 1: Select the Report Type

Go to Reports > Schedules. Select the type of report you want to schedule from the New menu. All report types can be scheduled except reports created from scan based findings (i.e. raw scan results).



Step 2: Report Details

Just like when running a report you need to enter report details (title, template and format) and report source settings (assets to draw data from). Click the "Launch Help" link to see specific help for the type of report you're creating.



Step 3: Scheduling Details

Now scroll down and click the Scheduling check box. This is where you'll set options for the scheduled report like how often the report should run (daily, weekly or monthly) and how many times it should run.



Step 4: Set Notification Options

The Notifications options lets you opt in for email notification when the report is finished. If you want, you can also choose to send notifications to other users.The notification will be sent to all email addresses in the distribution groups that you select.




How do I add distribution groups for the notification?

Click the Add Group link to choose the distribution groups you want for the report. Then select a group and click the "Add to list" button. In the example above, two groups were added: Unit Managers for US teams and Unit Managers for EMEA teams.


Will the report be sent with the notification?

This depends on the report distribution method selected for the subscription, which appears on the screen along with a brief description. The distribution method determines whether the report will be sent, and whether it will be sent as an attachment or report link. In the example above, the report distribution method is "Attachment or Link". Any Manager can edit this setting by going to Reports > Setup > Scheduled Reports.


Can I password protect the report?

Yes. When the report is sent via a report link you can password protect it. Select "Password protect this report" and enter a password in the fields provided. Important: You must communicate the password to the email recipients or they will not be able to access the report via the email.


Can I restrict the number of times the report is downloaded?

Yes. When the report is sent via a report link you can restrict the number of times it can be downloaded from the link. Click "Restrict downloads" and enter a value in the field provided. This is the total number of times the report link may be used across all emails sent. For example, if the notification is being sent to 10 people then set the download limit to at least 10. If each email recipient clicks the link one time only then all 10 recipients will be able to download the report. If someone clicks the report link after the limit is reached, then an error is shown. Note that this limit does not affect the number of times a report can be downloaded from the Reports tab when logged into the user interface.


Step 5: Click Schedule

Click the Schedule button at the bottom of the page to save your scheduled report to the schedules list.