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Qualysguard network QoS

Question asked by Bruno MAHLER on Mar 27, 2012

Hello dear all,


We are wondering today about how to classify the QualysGuard application regarding the network quality of service (QoS). We do use QoS appliances to monitor the WAN traffic QoS.


We are QualysGuard new users.


First we have to define traffic priority, and would like to set it as low, not to impact business applications.


Then we have to define the traffic type and there we have a few questions. We have the ability to treat the traffic as 'transactional' or as 'background'. If the traffic is set to 'background', the Qualys scans may experience long delays between scan requests from the central appliance and the scan answers coming from the remote systems.  What about the scanner behavior ? Does the scan requests have large timeouts ? Will the appliance send new requests after some timeout delay, what could fill the QoS devices stacks ?


Did some of you already deal with network QoS for the GualysGuard appliances ?


Thanks for your experience and thoughts about this, Kind Regards,