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APIv1 cant schedule map against asset group without domains?

Question asked by ydrol on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by vvdesh

Hi using the GUI I can create and asset group without a domain(just IPs), and then run a scheduled map against it selecting 'Assets from Asset Groups=IPs'.


I dont know how to replicate this with the V2 api scheduled_scans.php. Specifically


It seems the API always need a domain reference when requesting a scheduled map. (we can’t usethe ‘none’ domain for other reasons)


It is important we do not create or refer to specific domains. Including the ‘none’ domain. (*)


I can do this from the GUI ok,


The documentation also seems to support that it is not possible from the API:


“scan_target Specifies the task target. For a scheduled scan, specify IPs and/or IP ranges. For a scheduled map, specify one or more domain names. Multiple domain names must be comma separated. This parameter and/or asset_groups must be specified when adding a scheduled task.”


However in the GUI it is not needed, so is there a way to schedule a map against an Asset Group that does not have domains..


when I try to use theAPI scheduled_scan.php I get the following error:


Just specifying Assert Group on its own, scan_target isblank:



            <ERROR number="6999">Please select at least one domain or asset groupwith domains to launch a map</ERROR>



(*)For some reason we have a ‘none’ domain set up with arestricted IP range.


Any help or pointers appreciated!