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Screen scraping in the Assets tab

Question asked by on Feb 20, 2012

I have a need to gather a list of certain Asset Group names and owners for some custom reports I generate mostly with data mostly pulled from the API(s).  One of the first steps is to gather the list of Asset Group names and owners from the user interface because this data is not available using the API(s).  I create this list by doing a search for groups that begin with a certain string then selecting the first entry and pulling the cursor below the bottom margin of the web page. In the old interface this would then scroll the display down and let me collect all of the entries in the list. I could then copy and paste this to a file and use "cut" and "sed" to select the data I need and save it to a .csv file. This file is then used to scope subsequent API searches to just those Asset Groups. The scrolling does not work in the new interface. If you move the cursor below the bottom margin it does not scroll and I am unable to screen scrape the data I need. Ideally I would love to see this data available via the API(s), but doing the screen scrape is pretty simple and doesn't take much time. But I can't do this in the new interface. It does not work. Any ideas for how to get at this data in the new interface?