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Script to generate a dashboard that shows the number of vulns by host, break down by severities

Discussion created by Eric Perraudeau on Jan 30, 2012

Hello All,


When you manually launch a scan and wait until the end, a nice looking summary is displayed and looks like that:



QualysGuard provides a way to generate the same kind of reports by using the scorecards.


But, if you are looking to get exactly the same look and feel, please find attached an API script that leverages the "knowledge base API" and the "detection API" and generates a CSV file that can be opened an manipulated in Excel and provides the same sort of data.

The main difference is that the script uses the automatic data which provides a better picture because it guarantees that all the vulnerabilities are expoesed, while the scan results might be incomplete, depending on the option profile used at scan time.


Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 15.19.48 .png


Please keep in mind that:

  1. This script is a linux/unix/mac shell script
  2. it uses "curl" and "xsltproc" command line tools
  3. you need to have the KBX module enabled for your QulaysGuard subscirption as explained here: New knowledge base API
  4. it should be considered as a prototype or proof of concept - it will probably not scale for thousands  of assets
  5. it can be greatly improved by using Asset Groups filtering, which is an option of the "detection API"


Thanks and feedback welcomed