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I need an XML primer.

Question asked by Lee Wade on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by Eric Perraudeau

Hello everyone.  I am a newb at scripting and sql and have been getting along with using csv and converting them to Excel documents. in order to grauduate to fulll grown status, I need to know more about importing of XML data.


I realy would like to maintain a copy of the knowledgebase and download my scan data via the API, but I can not wrap my head around importing XML into a relational database and establishing or maintaining the relations.  All of the quick import tools like MS Access import the data as a number of flat tables with no apparant candidate keys.  All of the T-SQL books I own and have in my general vicinity focus on the export of XML, and not really the importing of data.


I'm missing this important step in the process and need to research further but Google isn't doing it for me. If anyone has reading suggestion I would be really appreciatetive.


Also, I would like to use my SQ 2005 server to do this work, but it doesn't allow DTD's.  Is there pre import process that I need to do to the xml?


Thanks in advance and Hi.

Lee Wade

The "LogMonkey"