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Compliance Scan - Failure, with no findings

Question asked by Robert Balassi on Sep 15, 2011

I have a question on Control # 3895, “Current list of 'Accountshaving usernames equal to a value within the defined dictionary' (password auditing)”.  We do have a dictionary.  I attached screen shots.


This control is defined as



Is contained in                         No accounts found

                                                No defined dictionary found



The scan report fails all IPs scanned, even though the “Actual” box is completely empty, as follows”



Expected                                                                                Actual

Is contained inregular expression list

No accounts found

No defined dictionaryfound



I assume that the IPsreceived a Fail because the results from the compliance scan (i.e., nothing)did not match one of the expected values (either “No accounts found”, or “Nodefined dictionary found”)


Why didn’t thecompliance scan return something?



Thank you