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Download the raw scan results for scans that finished yesterday

Question asked by Eric Perraudeau on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Eric Perraudeau

Hello All,


I wanted to share a quick shell script, which is more a Proof Of Concept than a full fledge solution, that allows to download the XML scan results for all the scans that finished yesterday.

So you just need to run this script everyday to make sure that you will get everything. A cron job is higly recommended.


The main use case for this script is to optimize the process of downloading the XML raw scan results for all the new scans that have been launched and are finished.


REMARK: the usage of the raw scan results are usually not recommended and the detection API that provided the normalized vulnerability data is a better solution. Raw scan result only applies to specific use cases.


Pease leave you comments