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WAS scan configuration if SSO link is different from Scan URL

Question asked by Santhanakrishnan D on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by Jayson Coulter

I need a scan a web application ( with SSO but the issue is the application URL( and SSO URL( is different. The problems I'm facing are listed below.

  1. If I access it does not goes to The process is I need to login to to go to
  2. If I logout I have a different login page ( but I am not authorized to login it. And Developer is not ready to provide me the Login to that. I always need to Login to to access


My question is:

  1. Now in this case what I need to change in my configuration to get this scanned. Also as a note I should not scan and I only need to scan
  2. Will the Qualys consider both my URL's as different application and deduct 2 Applications or it still consider as only one application.


Please help me to understand.