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How do I find all of my Cloud Agents in AssetView?

Question asked by keith Seymour on May 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by nirmal

I'm trying to get a handle on my cloud coverage and I'd like to be able to find all of my deployed cloud agents. I've noticed there are many cloud agents listed in the AssetView search that aren't listed in the Cloud Agent Module. Some of these are older but some are also current. Ideally this search would show all cloud agents in whatever status they are in, and be authoritative.   


I'm about to spiral down a hole where I have one long search term OR'd together looking for every cloud attribute not being null. If anyone has a good search term to share I'm all ears. 


Runner up (or Bonus points) if you can (also) provide a list of all the cloud attributes available in the AssetView search, I don't believe I've seen one. The drop down fill is maddening to work with and I'm not feeling like typing all of those into a document. 



Cloud Agents (7.42 K)


Agents that have an ec2 id
NOT aws.ec2.instanceId is null (4.94K) cloud (7.6K)


Agents that have an ec2 id or an azure name (5.06 K)
(NOT aws.ec2.instanceId is null) OR (NOT is null)


this doesn't work
NOT lastCheckedIn is null (0)


has checked in
lastCheckedIn: [1900-01-01 ... now] (4.49 K)


I searched AssetView for cloud and exported the data. The data for TROUBLE was not included.


name: TROUBLE works

((NOT aws.ec2.instanceId is null) OR (NOT is null)) AND (name: TROUBLE) works - finds TROUBLE


The name of host has been changed to protect the innocent.