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Problem installing container sensor(general and registry) in ECS

Question asked by james zhang on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Alex Mandernack

After following the deployment document for ECS, I was able to install registry sensor successfully. After setting up the repository and scan schedule, the registry sensor is able to find and scan the images in the depository. Since registry sensor doesn't scan the docker host containers, I installed the general container sensor on the same docker host where registry sensor had lived. What I did messed up the sensors in the system. I cleaned up everything and installed those two sensors on different host, then images and containers starting to show up again.


Here is my question: 1. can the general sensor and registry sensor be installed on the same docker host?  2. on , it always says no host sensor found.  Is the sensor referred on this page different from general container sensor?   On , it shows the host sensor in my system.

The container sensor version I installed is 1.3.1-22