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API EndPoint missing Grade Field

Question asked by Greg Woodard on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Jumpei Miyata

Since late March, we are having issues querying the API successfully.  If we manually run a site, it works.  If we use the API, the Grade field in the EndPoint is missing as per the documentation below.  Anyone else have the issue?  We are getting "Internal Error" in the "statusMessage".


  • ipAddress - endpoint IP address, in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
  • serverName - server name retrieved via reverse DNS
  • statusMessage - assessment status message; this field will contain "Ready" if the endpoint assessment was successful.
  • statusDetails - code of the operation currently in progress
  • statusDetailsMessage - description of the operation currently in progress
  • grade - possible values: A+, A-, A-F, T (no trust) and M (certificate name mismatch)
  • gradeTrustIgnored - grade (as above), if trust issues are ignored
  • futureGrade - next grade because of upcoming grading criteria changes, Null if there is no impact on current grade.
  • hasWarnings - if this endpoint has warnings that might affect the score (e.g., get A- instead of A).
  • isExceptional - this flag will be raised when an exceptional configuration is encountered. The SSL Labs test will give such sites an A+.
  • progress - assessment progress, which is a value from 0 to 100, and -1 if the assessment has not yet started
  • duration - assessment duration, in milliseconds
  • eta - estimated time, in seconds, until the completion of the assessment
  • delegation - indicates domain name delegation with and without the www prefix
    • bit 0 (1) - set for non-prefixed access
    • bit 1 (2) - set for prefixed access
  • details - this field contains an EndpointDetails object. It's not present by default, but can be enabled by using the "all" parameter to the analyze API call.