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Remediation tickets for Cloud Agents

Question asked by damirp on Mar 26, 2020

We have deployed the cloud agents to the group of laptop computers previously not covered by VM module (and not defined as IP tracked assets in VM module). The tag was assigned to this agent group.


We set remediation policy based on this tag. Tickets are assigned to the user with the Reader role. After a while, tickets were generated but assigned user did not receive any ticket. We checked from the manager view that tickets were generated and properly assigned to the Reader user, although Reader user did not receive them.


If we change the role from Reader to Manager, assigned user will see the tickets. Unfortunately, we are not able to assign Manager role to the users with the remediation tasks.


Does anybody have the similar experience? Is it possible to assign cloud agent remediation tickets directly to users with Reader role? Could you advise if I missed something?