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Delay at resume service QCA network activity and any scan

Question asked by G Covasan on Mar 24, 2020

Hi QG Team, all 


Can you please say if there is an option or any  FR  already to  delay  (in minutes or so .. )  (network activity and any scan as if are pending from internal algorithm) option to be available in case someone need it in QCA (option profile or so..) when:  agent recover (either startup service or resume from low power mode/sleep ..etc) ?

This option we believe should be available to opt-in , in cases where customers have slow machines still in their infra and they will like to choose (sort of “blackout  time window” but regardless of dates: performance set = 0 for X min) 


 We do not want to use powershell or bash to interfere with the service from outside but we look for option within.


Thank you in advance