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Customer can not view Asset Tags

Question asked by Michael Flemmings on Mar 17, 2020

I have a customer who is a Unit Manager, who I have created tags for, customer is unable to view tags. How can I correct this for the customer? I have created a Test User Account (as a Reader) while i can veiw all of the tags(grayed out), I am not able to search on them (There are no records corresponding to filters, if any.), However in my Qualys Prod (Manager) Account , I can view, search and edit the tags etc... Please attachments of what steps the customer is taking to view tags.  

Customer's Steps  

My steps are:

  1. Entering the range in asset search bar
  2. Clicking on any IP
  3. Checking under tags

The one exampled should be tagged as CCI_NET.


 Any thoughts? Help is much appreciated, Thank You   


Respectfully sent, Michael