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Questions regarding VM Scanning

Question asked by Rohil S on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Rusty Qualyz



I had some questions about the way Qualys scans the targets.


1. Our scans run during a specific time slot each day of the week. Some of the scans do not resume the next day and remains in the paused state forever unless they are manually canceled. Any idea as to why this would happen? My guess was the target it was probably scanning isn't active the next day but I believe Qualys should have workaround this if that's the case.


2. We have seen instances where a scan configured to run say 6pm-12am for a given timezone, starts running after the said time slot and then tries to run for 6 hours when it was specified in the schedule not to run after 12am. Any thoughts around this?


3. During VM scanning of a DHCP subnet, what happens if the target's IP address changes? for e.g. discovery phase had an IP and during the time when it was in the queue for VM scan.


FYI, I have reached out to Support as well. I just wanted to get the thoughts of the community.