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Asset View Details Displayed in Asset Inventory

Question asked by Jordan Greene on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by DMFezzaReed

Is anyone else noticing that when you go to Asset View and click on asset details, the platform is now handing off the view to Asset Inventory? Previously the details were loaded within the Asset View module. I know Platform 1 (which we're on) was upgraded to Portal 2.44 on Sunday, but I don't see any mention in the release notes that this change was a part of that upgrade.


Other than this being a change, this causes a few issues:

1. The UI is very different for AI compared to AV

2. If I want to search for a host in AI, I will. If I want to search for a host in AV, why am I being forced to use AI?

3. If I build a query in AV to focus on a specific set of criteria, and click asset details, the query and all results are now lost. Clicking the browser back button results in a reset view within AV. Clicking the 'back' button in the UI returns me to AI.