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Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?

Question asked by John Sponheimer on Feb 12, 2020
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Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?


Greetings all.


I was digging around on the forums here and found the following uptime QIDs thanks to others posts here...I wanted to focus in here.


vulnerabilities.vulnerability:(qid:90924 OR qid:82063 OR qid:124145)

90924 - Microsoft Windows Last Reboot Date and Time
82063 - Host Uptime Based on TCP TimeStamp Option
124145 - Unix Last Reboot Date and Time


My point here is I was looking to see if its possible can to create one Dashboard item or three dashboard items to display when a system is "out of bounds"...Say...a system has not rebooted in 1 know the drill.


I don't think there is a way currently...since all or most machines will have all or most of the QIDs you will just get a large number of the assets with the QID. I don't think we can do a compare of a QID's results against a value, say QID 90924 versus 2 months or something like that


Curious of thoughts here.