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WAS multiple targets - scan until completion

Question asked by Tom S on Feb 14, 2020

I am looking for suggestion or workflow idea as I seem to be struggling to run multiple site scan.


I schedule scan of 3 Web applications (progressive, 10 daily occurrences, scan window 22-8). I want to make sure that all sites were scan end to end. The problem is that:



1. Slice 1 - Finished

2. Slice 2 - Time Limit Reached

3. Slice 3 - Service Errors Detected



1. Slice 1 - Time Limit Reached

2. Slice 2 - Finished

3. Slice 3 - Time Limit Reached






So during one run site scan completes for some web apps and errors out for other. Consecutive run may have different statuses altogether.


Since each occurrence starts full new scan instance or progressively continuous from last run it is hard to track which scan has Completed. It may not be as difficult for 3 web applications but in Qualys I was actually hoping to scan a group of 6, 16, 30, 56, 77 web applications. I am utilizing country tag to create scan targets..


Should I consider scheduling individual web applications? I want to make sure that each site from a scheduled scan (i.e. group of 30 web apps) has completed full scan. Maybe there is a way to report on completed scans?


How would I find if all slices completed at some stage during 30 occurrences i.e for audit?


I might be over complicating this but simple button "Scan until Finish" would solve all my troubles.