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VM Scanning Issue

Question asked by Gaz H on Feb 14, 2020
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I have been trying to scan an individual (IP) for test purposes, TAG all ready exists and under asset's, it has the relevant instance id's and IP.


However, when I try to run the scan, tried few times, But it does not show the Target IP in the "Launch Menu" list but shows other assets related to the TAG. I have added the IP in the Authentication record for the account But still unable to see it and process it. Is there anything that am missing?


Scan>EC2 SCAN> Provide the initial details>Profile-Authenticated>Select Target Hosts(EC2-VPC) All regions>

select connector details for the accounts> Select assigned TAGS for this account> Select Scanner Appliance>

Then next stage should be it should pick up ALL assets But that particular IP is no in that list?!


I even created a new TAG and selected the IP- to this TAG, that did not even work and added the IP under hosts>assets, but when you search for it under hosts search, it does come back with IP, But no other information, for example on other it would have DNS names, EC2 type machine etc...


Please can you advise.