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Need advice on doing light scans that assigns a tag

Question asked by Rusty Qualyz on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Rusty Qualyz

Hello Qualys Community,


We have a lot of satellite offices that each have it's own /24 subnet.  We have been trying to Light Inventory Scans of these offices for new devices.  We are running into an issue where this is taking way too long to run, like up to 10 days or more running at 13 hour blocks of time.  The issue is there are so many IP's in the range that are not used and is causing the scans to run very long.


We have:

Adjusted our Opt Profile with the minimum number of ports

Tried using the Host Alive feature in an Opt Profile by itself - this was very fast which was awesome, however it did not apply any tags

We have tried smaller ranges - seems like the smaller we go, the slower the time it takes to scan

We have had a support case open for a while - It has been through support and engineering

We have had our VM health check with one of the VM SME's


What we would like to do:

Some type of light scan that will not investigate the unused IP space unless something is there and then apply tags so we can use the tags to do Vulnerability Management scanning


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.