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Using API to identify web vulnerability scans with 'High' severity

Question asked by wkolatac on Jan 27, 2020
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I'm hoping to get some design advice ...

I have four multi-site configurations, each with hundreds of web application configurations.
The multi-site configurations run separately, one each weekend (we scan each website once a month). The scheduled multi-site configuration can run for days.


My requirement is to identify any web application configuration vulnerability scan that completes with a 'High' severity. I also need to get a list of the vulnerability findings that resulted in the 'High' severity level.


My plan is to run a daily process utilizing the WAS API.


Idea #1
From the portal, if I go to the Scan List tab and search using the name of a multi-site configuration I get a list of all executions for that multi-site configuration. See below:

If I select one of the dates and click 'View Scans', I get a list of all the web application scans in that multi-site configuration along with the severity. See below:

Is there a way to get that list using the APIs? If so, I could try to do something like:

  • get the list of web application scans that completed since the last time i ran (i'll keep a date/timestamp and use it to only get the most recently completed scans)
  • check if the scan severity is 'high' (how can i determine this ... i don't see this as an element returned by any of the APIs).
  • if high, use the search/was/finding API to identify the vulnerabilities


Idea #2
Use the search/was/finding API to get a list of all vulnerabilities found with severity level of 4 or 5.
Use some date/time logic to only get findings identified since the last time process run.
This approach is causing me some issues ... if a vulnerability was detected at one point but can no longer be tested, it still shows up in the list. I will need some way to filter these out ....


Anyone have any other suggestions??


On a related note ... is there a way to find out when a web application configuration was last scanned?  Can't seem to find this data returned by an API....


thanks in advance....