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Feature Request ? Create policy from host vs only one policy

Question asked by stan pichon on Jan 16, 2020



The "create policy from host" feature in Policy Compliance module automatically embeds ALL the controls for a given technology.

What I wish is to filter these controls to get a Policy created from the reference host, but only against one Policy, for instance DISA STIG for Windows 10.


Is there a way to do so ? Anything I am missing here ?


If not, is this feature coming anytime soon ? Or anyone here faced the same issue and developped a script to solve this ?


What I was thinking of is a tool that would parse the XML policy for a given standard (DISA STIG), save the CIDs for this standard, and then parse the created-from-host policy to remove the CIDs that were not found in the first XML policy.


If the feature is not on development I guess I will script it myself, and if anyone is interested I would be happy to share my work on it with you guys.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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