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Adding assets to Asset Groups by DNS Hostname

Question asked by David G on Jan 10, 2020

Has anyone had issues with adding assets to Asset Groups by their DNS hostname instead of by IP?  Since the API doesn't allow purging by DNS hostname, which will needed in certain cases like workstations setup with dhcp, we're setting up a Purging Asset Group.  

I've noticed that adding assets by DNS doesn't seem to work. At first glance, it seems to work just fine, and if I try to add for instance "", the AG will say it has added the asset.  But then when I go and take a look at the asset "", it will not list this AG under it's Asset Groups tab.  

The AG and the AssetGroup are in conflict as to whether or not it's actually added, and I'd have to side with the asset here, because when we purge that AG, it won't actually purge anything that was added by DNS.  


To note, we do have a scanner in there, so it should be able to resolve the hostnames to an IP.