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Training material bugaboo?

Question asked by Scott Wickham on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Robert Dell'Immagine

I tried going through a new Qualys video and was wondering if anyone else is scratching their heads.


The video "Policy Compliance" offered by Qualys thru Vemo states at the 15:01 minute mark states "Asset tagging you'll notice, also from within the Qualys "Asset View" application, automatically will build Tags based on the groups you've created".   Whew - that's a run on sentence, nevertheless...


Let me do a little interpretation of the slide, from within Vulnerability Management, Assets, Asset Groups tabs actually... whatever your define there will Automagically create Tags within Asset View, Tags !!!   (see attached screenshot)


*  I did not find that to be true.  Sorry again Qualys.  Half my learning time seems to go to interpreting odd linguistics....


Then the video jumps to "So, in Policy Compliance when you go to build your groups (15:23 marker) you'll automatically see tags created against those groups".  (He is referring to Asset View, Tags)  At least they got that right.