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Scan notification emails - More detail on vulnerability numbers

Question asked by Mark Shaw on May 1, 2011
Latest reply on May 2, 2011 by Mark Shaw

I find the email notifications about a completed scan very useful, not only because it tells you a scan status (completed etc) but it also gives a quick indication as to the health of the scanned system when it shows the (+ or -) against the total vulnerabilities found.


What would be really good is if I had the option to show more detail as the (+ or - ) vulnerabilities.


I then logon to take a more detailed look at the report and it's not too clear which vulnerabilities have been removed or added.


Is their a way of showing this detail?


Is this a candidate for a feature request?


How do you guy's do this presently?  I'm thinking about downloading the scan results (before and after) in CSV format then letting Excel show me the differences.


Appreciate thoughts, feedback and wisdom.