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Duplicate asset purging

Question asked by David G on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by David G

Are there any API calls or custom scripts to identify duplicate assets in Qualys?  I'm sure we're all familiar with the situation where you'll find an asset which is DNS-tracked and one which is IP-tracked, and I was wondering if anybody had a good way of tracking down all of these duplicates so we can purge out the irrelevant ones.


The best way I can think of is to scrape all the assets with the API, into an array, then iterate over that (massive) array, and build a second array containing any assets that had duplicates detected through iteration. After building that second array, compare the last_scan date for each asset, by asset ID, and purge the older one.

Hopefully I'm over-complicating this, and someone can help me understand a way better way to do this, because automation like this feels like it could quickly become extremely bulky and unwieldy.