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Virtual Scanner Operating System

Question asked by David G on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by Samuel Braughton

So, I was taking a look at our Virtual Scanners in VCenter to verify that they were up to snuff configuration-wise, and I noticed they all show as Rhel5 in VCenter. 
I'm new to the team, and those have been there awhile, so I thought this might have just been negligence on our part to keep our scanners updated, so I went and downloaded the latest OVF and spun that up in VCenter, and it also says it's RHEL5.  

As there's (I believe) no way for us to access the shell of the scanners, I have to ask here, is this accurate?  Are our Virtual Scanners really running on RHEL5?  If that's so, what sort of protocols are they using to send all of the information from their scans up to the cloud?