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Win Auth & Licensing

Question asked by Scott Wickham on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Scott Wickham

I'm having a show stopper here.... 2 items to pull hair...


1) I am getting "Windows authentication failed for these hosts" in reports in a Compliance Scan.   I set up Windows Authentication once before - Vulnerability Scan - and it worked.   Seems complex if I have do review authentication on every scan...  ????   One-stop authentication would eliminate "hair pulling", yes ?


Previously..... I got "Non of the given hosts from Target are from License".

Evidently, I was told, the "fix" is to do the following:

"To verify, navigate to Policy Compliance > Assets > Host Assets > Search

Search for any of the IP's that show up in the error message.  If they're already added, you should see a result."


Anyone disagree or have a different solution ?  One-Stop Licensing would help this I suspect.


Thank you in advance for suggestions,