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Clients not reporting Patch Management data

Question asked by Peter Crane on Dec 14, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by Peter Crane

I followed the PM User Guide up to the point where the patch vulnerability data should be reporting to the console, but it is not. I loaded the Cloud Agent on two machines and waited overnight for results, but no agents reported their patch status. I'm certain I configured everything according to the documentation. Is there a way to force the patch scan, or do you always have to wait for the 4hr scan schedule to kick off?


I can see on the workstation that the Patch Management folder got created under C:\ProgramData\Qualys\QualysAgent and that the patch.db exists in that folder. So it appears that it is at least doing something.


I'm seeing..

CONTROL_EVENT_UPLOAD_STATUS_PATCH is deferred to run in 265 seconds.


Attempting to send queued statuses for module PATCH (if any)

There are currently no status updates, for the given module "PATCH", to send. the client log.


There are also no patches showing up in the Patches tab. None at all. Even though I turned all the filters off.