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WAF Understanding the basic

Discussion created by tarik B on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Rémi Le Mer

Hi guys,


I m new to Qualys WAF platform, we recently bought licence for Qualys WAF, AM, etc.


I am having some problems understanding Qualys WAF, so , I have installed it on my virtual platform, successfully connected to central platform and my registration status is OK. And now I need to understand this.


Qualys uses DHCP to obtain IP address of Qualys VM on my virt. platform, I can not change the address ? This is my error  Warning: Networking has been configured in vCenter,
networking configuration can not be changed.


Second thing, I don't understand what now ??  I have setup WAF for SSL , Web servers, but my Web application Deployment status is FAILURE.


Also I don;t understand WAS ? How does he goes into this "game" ? 


I just need to understand "big" picture about WAF can anyone explain ? 


Thank you very much!