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Configuring a Web Application w/ Explicit URLs to Crawl

Question asked by sufttwf0dfrvcmjpbgo= on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by Ed Arnold

I am working on configuring a web application for scanning which requires the use of "Explicit URLs to Crawl" and I'm running to some issues. I'm hoping the community can help point me in the right direction. Please consider the following:

  • I have a URL, The FQDN does not resolve (on purpose), but there are subdomains that do, for this example:, and
  • In order to scan this this web application, I have explicitly set the following:
    Target Definition:
    Crawl Scope: Limit to URL hostname and specified sub-domain
    Restricted to sub-domain:
    Explicit URLs to Crawl (on individual lines):,