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I get only 529 error response from API

Question asked by Ollivier Robert on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Ollivier Robert

I have been using the "official" SSLLabs API client called ssllabs-scan (from GitHub - ssllabs/ssllabs-scan: A command-line reference-implementation client for SSL Labs APIs, designed for automated … ) for the last 3 years in order to automate the checking of our ~110 TLS sites.  I generate a report out of this with my own tool (GitHub - keltia/erc-checktls: Parse the JSON result of ssllabs-scan and do various things/summaries )


While I could get the 529 error code (server is overloaded), since yesterday I get *only* 529 codes and the number of answers I finally get is getting lower and lower.  Here are the 4 runs I did and as you can see, I get less and less results.

  4335525 Dec  2 14:12 new-list-20191201-1.json
  4135753 Dec  2 16:35 new-list-20191201-2.json
  3683388 Dec  3 11:33 new-list-20191201-3.json
  2701153 Dec  3 15:43 new-list-20191201-4.json

Last month, the files were 6 MB…


  6070519 Nov  4 17:09 new-list-20191101.json
  6369252 Nov  4 18:42 new-list-20191101-1.json
  6521894 Nov  6 11:12 new-list-20191101-2.json


Does anyone know why?