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Issue with limited results returned by V2 API

Question asked by Jamie King on Nov 13, 2019

Hi All,


I'm using the V2 api in an SSIS package (within a data-flow script) and i'm trying to retrieve all of the hosts and relevant information but it seems everytime i run my SSIS package its being limited due to the fact everytime i run the package it returns a different value of results and it does slightly increase on every API request.


My URL generated in the script is:,address,created,dnsHostName,domain,fqdn,lastComplianceScan,lastLoggedOnUser,lastSystemBoot,lastVulnScan,manufacturer,model,modified,name,netbiosName,networkGuid,os,qwebHostId,timezone,trackingMethod,type,tags.list 

The account I'm using to authenticate against our Qualys instance has the correct rights to see all of the required assets as i've tested it through the AssetView module in Qualys and it returns the expected results, so i've ruled out security being a problem.


Any help is much appreciated, i'm not a qualys expert but i'm trying to extract data for further reporting.