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Vulnerability By Asset Table Widget - Broken Query vulnerabilities.hostAssetName:

Question asked by James Wright on Nov 8, 2019



So this issue first occurred around a month ago and relates to the use of a specific widget that we use in the VMDashboard Beta to list out assets and the total vulnerabilities against them. To keep it simple please see configuration below: 


This successfully meets our needs and brings back a list of assets along with the corresponding number of vulnerabilities sitting on them. However. upon drilling down in to an asset listed, the search creates the following syntax and adds this into the Vulnerability Field: 



Now this appears to be working inconsistently, and appears the majority of time not to bring back any results. One workaround is to rename to asset before drilling down, however this appears to only work in the interim. I get the impression that this may link to a known Database discrepancy? 


I realize the VMDashboard is in Beta, however as this appears to be a long lasting issue I wanted to query whether this was on the roadmap to be addressed? And surly in the interim a workaround could be built in to ensure the asset is queries through the "Asset" Syntax block as apposed to the vulnerability one as per the diagram above? 


Thanks for your help.