Luca Nussbaumen

Remove scan result from Google search results

Discussion created by Luca Nussbaumen on Nov 3, 2019

Hello, everybody. I would like to have some search results removed by Google. Is that possible? Because I have made the mistake of using instead of


When I search for my Website on Google the search result look like this:


[ my website ]


[my website scanned by ssllabs] <- Please remove this, thank you.


What can I do to remove it from the search results? Google said I need to contact the owner. Here I am. Should I contact support?


I clicked on clear cache to rescan my website but I didn't expect it to not put the &hideResult=on in the request. Now it's burnt into Google forever. Google still probably crawls the website because it is still there. Removing the page with my website would be great. Or using something like Robots.txt or the X-Robots-Tag header in combination with noindex, nofollow...


Maybe you can add an option to verify yourself, that you are the domain owner and would like to remove the scan result from the Google Index.


Thank you for your time.

Maybe I posted this in the wrong group. Feel free to move it to the right group.