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Scanning tags when agents are used for asset mgmt only

Question asked by Mathias Hoelzli on Oct 23, 2019

What steps are required to perform dynamic scans, targeting assets by Cloud Agent (activation key -> tags)?


I have created an asset group and added the cloud agents to that group dynamically by having the activation key is that asset group tag. When I try to scan, it will preview me the cloud agents and their IPs/hostnames, but the scan always completes with 0 hosts alive. If I try the same scan and manually enter the IP's it completes a full scan with valid findings. 


Why am I not just using Cloud Agents for VM?

We have an isolated environment where the assets are external facing and the IPs change month to month. We need to get the remote detections from a traditional scanner, and we want to scan only what is still alive and ours. Furthermore, we plan to create purge rules to keep the data fresh.