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Integration with Qualys Cloud for Threat Intelligence

Question asked by Nirav Kelaiya on Sep 1, 2019

We are trying to integrate one 3rd party tool which sends the data related to the IOCs and Threats to the Qualys Cloud Platform for one of our customers. The integration which we are planning to build is similar to those listed on the url: Integration / Solution Partners | Qualys, Inc. under the Security Intelligence Category. So basically we know we have to write some script to fetch the data from the 3rd Party paltform into the Qualys, however, we are stuck with the below things:

  • What will be the integration module design be?(Will it a add-on or an independent app)
  • How can we deploy this integration into the Qualys Cloud?
  • Is it required for the 3rd Party to become the Qualys partner or we can publish this as a publically available integration module for Qualys Cloud?


It will really be a great help if you can guide us with the above things and get us started.