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Feature Requests - Policy Compliance

Question asked by theone2018 on Aug 28, 2019

1. I wish that in Policy Compliance when searching against a Policy or Control you could select an option to just return the last result detected, instead of every result that every was found.  Last Scan Date and Last Evaluated Date isn't granular enough and leads to many duplicates).


2. I wish reports to .csv would allow for custom columns.  It would be very helpful to see the "Policy Value" vs "Actual Value" in the same report.


3. It would be great if search would retain the last options chosen across all the settings instead of some.


4. I wish the Reporting/Searching would be able to leverage more builtin features for filtering such as Tags.


5. I wish Policy Compliance didn't rely on any "Technology" and would just target any machine I pointed it to.  If it works great, if it doesn't that's my problem.  Or change the Technology so they are grouped more similiar Server 2016/2012/2008/Windows 10/7,XP 2003 etc. should be called "Windows".


6. I wish from the Control View I could just select any or multiple "Controls" and generate a simple report such as .csv which would list all the machines and the state of their values/compliance.