API Call Not Adhering To Limit Results Default Paramater

Discussion created by derekv on Aug 26, 2019

I am downloading data from my account about hosts using: the following api url: \',name,created,modified,lastVulnScan,dnsHostName,netbiosName,address\' 


I have a script that dynamically builds my xml I am posting... It starts with the "StartFromOffset" parameter at 1. I then add 100 each on each iteration... so 1, then 101, then 201, then 301, etc... This happens until the "hasMoreRecords" field in the return xml is "false. What I ams seeing it that one each pass, instead of giving me the next 100, it is giving me 1-x where x is the next set...

So "StartFromOffset" = 100 returns 1-200, =200 returns 1-300, so on and so on...


So it apparently is ignoring the whole default limit of "100" per the pagination documentation on page 11 in


You have to specify the default that you want... Which seems odd to me.